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I'm back! Briefly, at least

I jumped back into drama-watching this summer. Mostly Taiwanese dramas as they seem to me quintessentially summer somehow.

-Inborn Pair - I WATCHED AN 84-EPISODE DRAMA. All because of how amazing the central pair was and how incredibly fast-paced and strong the writing was. To be sure, I fastforwarded through most of the second half watching only the OTP scenes. But omg it was really, really high quality. Similar to Ojakkgyo Brothers in that in large part it was a family drama but with an exceptionally strong central couple.
-Just You (Aaron Yang, Puff). Cute but boring. No plot whatsoever.
-Fall in Love with Me (Aaron Yan). Really great for the first half but has devolved in the second half and made a switch into over-the-top. Still airing.
-Substitute Princess/Princess' Stand-In. Chris Wu and some lead actress I"m not familiar with but don't love. This has SUCH a great plot as far as potential - when a CEO's high-bred beautiful fiance is seriously injured mountain-climbing, he hires a substitute look-alike to take her place. One assumes hijinks follow, but I'm 5 episodes in and this is deadly boring so far, they could have fit all the plot events into 1.5 episodes with ease. Anyone know if it picks up speed later on? 


Jun. 23rd, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
Welcome back!

I haven't seen any of those, though I did finally get around to watching Capital Scandal and Masters Sun a few months back. I've mostly been on an anime kick, though, as well as recently become addicted to Flight Rising.
Jun. 25th, 2014 09:44 pm (UTC)
I loved Master's Sun! It wasn't a classic or anything but was fun. And I STILL haven't seen Capital Scandal.

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